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Seattle, WA –June 24, 2021– Independent development studio Wonderbelly Games releases the new Druid update for Roundguard, on Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 5PlayStation 4Xbox Series X|SXbox OneSteam, and Apple Arcade today.
Roundguard is a Peggle-inspired dungeon crawler with bouncy pinball physics, lots of loot, and a randomized castle full of oddballs.

The Druid Update adds a new playable hero –Sprig– who is a tender-shoot fresh from the wilds, ready to plant grass and take names. She brings with her plenty of forest friends, a new set of skills, new items, and new quests to master.

Sprig is not your garden variety druid. She can summon semi-sentient briar vines and hummingbirds, teleport between the sprouts she plants everywhere she goes, and even transform into a giant, angry tree. Her skills make you think about bounce angles and board possibilities in a whole new way, and her equipment and quests come packed with a freshly picked peck of plant puns.

The Druid update is the fourth and largest free content update that Wonderbelly Games has released in the last year. Roundguard continues to grow bigger and better and has been recognized with numerous award nominations, including Mobile Game of the Year, Excellence in Game Design, and Best Family Game.
 Press your luck against hordes of dangerously cute monsters and challenging roguelike elements in this all-round bouncy adventure. 


  • Bouncy Fun: Intuitive pinball physics-based gameplay like no other dungeon crawler.
  • Multiple Classes: Play as the Warrior, the Rogue, the Wizard, or the Druid each with their own unique skills, items, and cheeky sense of humor.
  • Randomized Dungeon: Each time you play, levels are procedurally generated, and quest events and elite monsters are randomly placed.
  • Permadeath with Benefits: When you die, you’ll have a chance to bring a special trinket with you on your next run. The more gold you grab, the more powerful the trinket!
  • A Cast of Oddballs: Chat with the castle’s colorful cast to pick up quests. You’ll meet a goblin poet, a smarmy teenage skeleton, a dark elf master chef, and tons more.
  • Lots of Loot: Over 200 items and trinkets, each with effects that present strategic choices and combo possibilities.
  • Show Off Your Skills: Compete on the leaderboards and try to master all the challenging, rule-bending relics. Test yourself in the daily and weekly challenges to earn new rewards and bragging rights.

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About Wonderbelly Games

Wonderbelly Games is a Seattle-based independent game studio. They’re a tiny team of close friends who used to work on big AAA games (Shadow of Mordor and the Fable franchise, among others). Now they follow their hearts and bellies to make the kind of games they love: bright, cheeky games with a ton of strategic depth. Roundguard is their debut title and the bounciest dungeon-crawler you’ve ever seen.