Lead the Gray Raven special forces unit on Android & iOS to reclaim our shattered world

July 7th, 2021 – The wait is nearly over. Kuro Game are proud to announce their ultra-stylish hack n’ slash sci-fi action-RPG Punishing: Gray Raven launches in English next week on Android and iOS. Releasing across North America, Europe, South-East Asia and Australia on July 16th, the critically acclaimed overseas hit is just days from its global release. Pre-registration is open now (with over 300,000 pre-registrations already confirmed) providing players with a generous bundle of resources to help tip the odds in their favour in the war to reclaim Earth.

In a grim post-apocalyptic future, humanity has been pushed to the brink. A biomechanical virus known as the Punishing has almost wiped out organic life on the planet and converted a legion of Corrupted machines into an army. Deploying from the space station Babylonia, the Gray Raven squad are the elite cyborg soldiers leading the mission to reclaim our world. You are their Commandant.

Free-to-play and designed around minimising grind, Punishing: Gray Raven features stunning graphics, frantic combo-chaining 3D arcade combat, RPG-style squad management systems and far more. Featuring a deep, dark and ongoing sci-fi story; players will slowly unravel the secrets behind the Punishing virus, and unearth truths that might have been better off staying buried. 

Outside of its massive and ever-expanding story (look forward to multiple new story chapters and limited-time events by the end of 2021), Punishing: Gray Raven features online co-op scenarios for up to three players, online leaderboards for challenge stages and social features, including a dorm-management minigame. Use the spoils of war to create a home away from home, decorate it and invite your friends to visit.

Pre-registration is open for both iOS and Android players now, so sign up, claim your rewards early and support your fellow Commandants when the battle begins on July 16th. See below for details on the Reclaim The Earth pre-registration campaign and follow Punishing: Gray Raven on TwitterFacebook or our official Discord channel for further information.

Game Features:

  • Experience a dark cyberpunk story of mankind’s endless war to reclaim a ruined Earth.
  • Spectacular sci-fi melee action. Dodge, parry & tag between heroes to extend combos.
  • A dark and atmospheric cyberpunk world rendered in gorgeous 3D graphics.
  • A chart-topping hit in China and Japan finally playable in English.
  • Epic and dramatic boss battles against rogue androids, hulking mechs and beyond.
  • Collect and unlock a squad of elite cyborgs, assemble teams and develop their skills.
  • Dive into the future and immerse yourself in a powerful electronic soundtrack.

Reclaim the Earth campaign rewards:

  • 50,000 Registrations – Black Card x 50, Cog x 5000
  • 100,000 Registrations – Black Card x 100, Cog x 10,000, C.E.M. IV x 1
  • 200,000 Registrations – Black Card x 100, Cog x 10,000, C.E.M. IV x 1, Memory – Anderia x 2
  • 300,000 Registrations – Black Card x 200, Cog x 20,000, C.E.M. IV x 2, Construct EXP Pod (Medium) x 2, Kuroro Furniture Set x 1
  • 500,000 Registrations –  Black Card x 200, Cog x 20,000, C.E.M. IV x 2, Construct EXP Pod (Medium) x 2, Overclock Alloy x 2, exclusive Lucia Lotus: Daybreak character skin

All players — regardless of the number of sign-ups — will also receive a voucher in-game to redeem for one of five high-tier Constructs to add to their squad. Players can choose from:

  • Liv – Luminance (Support Type)
  • Karenina – Ember (Attacker Type)
  • Nanami – Pulse (Tank Type)
  • Lee – Entropy (Attacker Type)
  • Kamui – Tenebrion (Tank Type)

These can even be deployed in-game alongside other versions of the same character, because one Karenina just isn’t enough to level an entire city block. Sign up now.

Review copies are available NOW. Email the media contact below for access.
Press Contact:
Dominic Tarason
Vicarious PR