Grinding Gear Games has announced a series of events coming up for Path of Exile to close out the year. Players can look forward to six events across five weeks during the end of year holiday period. These events are all free to play and provide a slew of tantalizing prizes. These events include:

  • Endless Delve – December 3 – 13: In this event, players delve deep into the Azurite Mine. Unlike regular Path of Exile gameplay, players will skip the campaign entirely and take on an entirely new levelling experience within the confines of the mine’s darkness. 
  • Zizaran’s Gauntlet – December 10 – 20: Community streamer Zizaran is hosting his Gauntlet event once more. In this event, monsters are much stronger than normal and players will compete by slaying bosses and meeting objectives to earn points. This gruelling mode is a challenge for even the most adept Path of Exile players. 
  • Endless Heist – December 17 – 27: Endless Heist is a brand new mode where players will skip the campaign entirely and level exclusively by taking on risky Heists. Players must hire skilled rogues to infiltrate facilities, evade the detection of its guards and make a mad dash out with the goods. But be careful, if you die on a Heist you’ll lose your loot! 
  • Atlas Invasion – December 24 – January 3: The Atlas Invasion is a new event mode where players will encounter map bosses in each area of Wraeclast. These formidable enemies will be found throughout the campaign, and pose an additional challenge to those who dare to take them on. 
  • Delirium Everywhere – December 31 – January 10: The Delirium Everywhere event is a new mode in which the mists of Delirium have blanketed the land. Every area will be more challenging and have more monsters to defeat. While challenging, this mode is great for those who want to sink their teeth into the blood and glory Wraeclast has to provide. 
  • Path of Exile: Royale featuring Brutus – December 9, 23, 30: Path of Exile’s Battle Royale mode makes a return! Players will face off against each other in an ever-shrinking area as they seek to become the sole victor of the match. However, there’s a catch! Once the remaining players reach the centre of the island, they’ll also have to contend with Brutus, who takes no sides and will attempt to destroy anyone who comes close.

In each of the 10-Day events, players will be eligible for an Atlantis Mystery Box for reaching level 50 and become eligible for randomly drawn microtransactions based on meeting various level thresholds. The top ranked players of each Ascendancy Class will be awarded the coveted Demigod’s Authority. Additionally, on the first day of each of the 10 day events, Twitch Drops will be enabled so that spectators can join in the fun as well by earning cosmetic portal effects through watch time.