From kaeru-san games comes The Hundred Year Kingdom, a turn-based simulation game where you will build, cultivate, and guide a peaceful new civilization from the ground up with the help of a mythical goddess over the course of one-hundred years. Launching on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch on February 3, check out the launch trailer: 

With The Hundred Year Kingdom, players will develop and nurture magnificent, peaceful civilizations with the assistance of one of five powerful goddesses, each one bringing unique abilities and creations with which you’ll shape your realm. With your chosen goddess, turn an untouched wilderness into a world brimming with towering mountains, vast oceans, thick savanna, and so much more.

You have one-hundred years to build your kingdom, with each year represented by one turn to make your mark. Food production, resource utilization, culture; caring for your civilization is just as important as building it. Do you have what it takes to rule?

Before launching on PC and Nintendo Switch on February 3, The Hundred Year Kingdom is now available for pre-order on the Nintendo Switch eShop:

PC players can wishlist the game on Steam today:

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An Introduction to Waku Waku Games:
The Hundred Year Kingdom marks the introduction and debut of Waku Waku Games, a brand new publishing label under the banner of Chorus Worldwide. Waku Waku exists to give opportunities to smaller games from the tiniest of studios that are primarily Japanese in origin.
Games launched under the Waku Waku Games brand will be distributed in the studios’ home country and globally, often in just their native language and English to begin with. PC and Nintendo Switch will be the platforms on which you’ll most commonly find the titles.
The Japanese indie scene is awash with fascinating titles; through Waku Waku Games we hope to find the best of them, setting them and their creators on their way to a wider audience. Small teams, big ideas – expect the unexpected.
Look out for more fascinating titles coming soon from Waku Waku Games.

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About Chorus Worldwide:
Founded in 2014, Chorus Worldwide is an acclaimed publisher of independent video games composed of a global team of industry veterans. Passionate about discovering innovative games from the world’s best developers, Chorus is dedicated to nurturing and serving those titles, while allowing developers the freedom to flourish creatively. Following the success of titles such as Coffee Talk and When The Past Was Around, the exemplary slate of upcoming games like Read Only Memories: NEURODIVERFrank and Drake and Mothmen 1966 continues Chorus’ mission to find the best games from anywhere and deliver them to players everywhere.