“BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!” (Global Version), the popular anime music rhythm mobile game on iOS and Android, has started a series of collaboration events with Magical DoReMi, a widely known Japanese magical girl anime TV series from Toei Animation.
The collaboration features a variety of content including new cover songs from Magical DoReMi, Limited Gacha, Mission Live Event, Collaboration Missions, Login Campaigns that give away Collaboration Pins Gift, time-limited theme and more!BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! X Magical DoReMi Collaboration Campaigns
Starting from Dec 11 UTC 1:00AM, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! X Magical DoReMi collaboration campaigns will be launched for a limited period of time, and all players are able to enjoy the crossover with various in-game campaigns and exclusive items from the login gifts and missions.

1. Collaboration Event “Happy! Lucky! Magic of Smiles!” Live Now!
Special Mission Live event “Happy! Lucky! Magic of Smiles!” will appear in the game from Dec 11 to Dec 17 (UTC). The event comes with various rewards including the collaboration limited 3-Star members, Kanon Matsubara and Kaoru Seta.

Event Period: Dec 11 UTC 01:00 (Dec 10 PST 17:00) ~ Dec 17 UTC 06:59 (Dec 16 PST 22:59)★3 Kanon Matsubara [Gentle Witch] (After Training)★3 Kaoru Seta [Fleeting Witch] (After Training)Join in with Hello, Happy World! members and find out their storyline associated with Magical DoReMi!

2. Time-limited “No Secrets! Magical Gacha” Live Now!
In the meantime, the “No Secrets! Magical Gacha” is taking place with collaboration limited members including Kokoro, Hagumi and Misaki appearing in Magical DoReMi themed costumes!
Gacha Period: Dec 11 UTC 01:00 (Dec 10 PST 17:00) ~ Dec 19 UTC 00:59 (Dec 18 PST 16:59)Collaboration Limited Members:
★4 Kokoro Tsurumaki [Smile Witch] (After Training)★4 Hagumi Kitazawa [Powerful Witch] (After Training)★3 Misaki Okusawa [Resigned Witch] (After Training)In addition, “No Secrets! Magical 1 Limited Collab Member Guaranteed 10 Play Gacha” playable with Paid Stars X 2000 is also available with 1 guaranteed Collaboration Limited Member! For more details, check out in the game during the collaboration!
No Secrets! Magical 1 Limited Collab Member Guaranteed 10 Play Gacha
Gacha Period: Dec 11 UTC 01:00 (Dec 10 PST 17:00) ~ Dec 19 UTC 00:59 (Dec 18 PST 16:59)3. Commemorative Collaboration Login Campaign
To celebrate the crossover with Magical DoReMi, the Commemorative Collaboration Login Campaign will start from Dec 11, giving away a total of Stars x 2500! 
Collaboration Login Period: Dec 11 UTC 08:00 (Dec 11 PST 00:00) ~ Jan 1 UTC 07:59 (Dec 31 PST 23:59)Log in on Day 1 during the Collab Login Campaign to get Stars x 1000 instantly! Get ready every day and be sure to collect them all!

4. Get Exclusive Magical DoReMi Collaboration Pins!
All players who log in during the period below will be able to receive the exclusive in-game item “Collaboration Pins 5 Set” and Tone Crystal x 50 as a gift! Check out more in the game before the campaign ends!
Period of Collab Celebration Gift: Dec 11 UTC 01:00 (Dec 10 PST 17:00) ~ Dec 19 UTC 00:59 (Dec 18 PST 16:59)5. MAJOLIKA Live Costume Available by Completing Collab Missions!
Daily Collaboration Missions will be added during the crossover, for players to complete in order to obtain “OY! COLA” (collab limited Boost Drink), free Stars, as well as Kokoro’s Collab Live Costume in the motif of MAJOLIKA from Magical DoReMi!
Collaboration Mission Period: Dec 11 UTC 01:00 (Dec 10 PST 17:00) ~ Dec 17 UTC 06:59 (Dec 16 PST 22:59)6. New Cover Songs from Magical DoReMi Collaboration Added!
Two songs from Magical DoReMi respectively covered by Hello, Happy World! and Pastel*Palettes have been unveiled from the collaboration campaign! Do not miss them out from the in-game Music Shop at CiRCLE!

▼Ojamajo Carnival!!
Lyrics: Shoko Ohmori, Composer: Takeshi Ike, Arrangement: Seima Kondo (Elements Garden)
Cover Band: Hello, Happy World!(Gameplay Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q9AFOQAFwE)

▼DANCE! Ojamajo
Lyrics: Chiyoko Mori, Composer: Yasuo Kosugi, Arrangement: Ryota Tomaru (Elements Garden)
Cover Band: Pastel*Palettes(Gameplay Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9RfW4KbNjc)

Besides the above, players can also join the festive collaboration with the one-time limited Commemorative Happy Box, and ★4 Guaranteed Collaboration Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 Gacha Campaigns made available for a limited period of time!

Collaboration Commemorative Happy Box
Content: 810 Paid Stars, 1 “OY! COLA” (restores 10 Live Boosts), and up to 1400 Free Stars
Sale Period: Dec 11 UTC 01:00 (Dec 10 PST 17:00) ~ Dec 17 UTC 00:59 (Dec 16 PST 16:59)1 ★4 Member Guaranteed! Gacha Vol.1 & Vol.2 Gacha Campaigns
Gacha Period: Dec 11 UTC 01:00 (Dec 10 PST 17:00) ~ Jan 11 UTC 00:59 (Jan 10 PST 16:59)

About “BanG Dream!”
“BanG Dream!” is a next generation girls band project that links animated characters with real life performances. It is a media franchise that includes Anime, Games and Live Performances. Voice actresses from “Poppinʼ Party”, “Roselia” and “RAISE A SUILEN” appearing in the Anime series formed the live bands and are actively performing live performances. In March 2020, a fourth live band “Morfonica” was formed and announced.

Currently, the 3rd Season of the mini-anime series featuring BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! characters is available to watch on YouTube and each Thursday a new episode will be released. (YouTube: https://youtu.be/x0X9VTerY0o)

About “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”

The mobile game from the same “BanG Dream!” universe, “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!” is an exciting music rhythm game co-developed by Craft Egg Inc. and Bushiroad Inc.. The game has been awarded “App Store Best of 2017 – Top Game Ranking”, and “Google Play Best of 2017 – Grand Prize for Players’ Choice Game and Attractive Game” in Japan.

*The English version, which has just celebrated its 3rd anniversary in April 2021, is available worldwide except for Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE VIA iOS / Android: https://app.adjust.com/m7t6ts
For more information: Official Website: https://bang-dream-gbp-en.bushiroad.com/
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BanGDreamGBP/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/bangdreamgbp_en (@bangdreamgbp_en)
Official Instagram: https://instagram.com/bangdreamgbp_en (@bangdreamgbp_en)
Promotional Video: https://youtu.be/mrIhTHC_Gac
Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPityslSknKsWUq9iy8p9fw

About “Magical DoReMi”
The first Magical DoReMi anime series (Ojamajo DoReMi) premiered in Japan in 1999 by Toei Animation (http://www.toei-animation-usa.com), and 4Kids began broadcasting the English dubbed version in the US in 2005. DoReMi dreams of becoming a witch. One day, she meets a real witch and becomes a trainee. DoReMi and two other witch trainees sell magical goods at the Magic Shop on their way to becoming real witches.

In 2020 November, Toei Animation released its brand-new movie, Looking for Magical DoReMi, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the anime franchise. ——

 Bushiroad International Pte. Ltd. was established in Singapore on November 12, 2011 in order to expand and handle the international market for Bushiroad card games. Since then, Bushiroad International is also involved in the localization of mobile games such as BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! and Tap Hina Logic.

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