From kaeru-san games and publisher Waku Waku Games, The Hundred Year Kingdom is an accessible turn-based simulation game where you have one-hundred years and one hundred turns to develop a brand new peaceful civilization alongside a mythical goddess.

Out now on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch, check out the trailer:

With the help of one of five powerful goddesses and their unique abilities, you’ll be free to morph an untouched wilderness into a magnificent new kingdom. Your role is not simply just to build, but to care for this grand civilization too, with food production, resource utilization, and culture each vital considerations if you are to maintain your peaceful haven.

Embrace your role as Creator and guide the development of a conflict-free civilization in The Hundred Year Kingdom, out now on PC (Steam): and Nintendo Switch:

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About Waku Waku Games:
Established in 2021, Waku Waku Games is a brand new publishing label under the banner of Chorus Worldwide Games that aims to give opportunities to smaller games from the tiniest of studios that are primarily Japanese in origin. Games launched under the Waku Waku Games brand will be distributed in the studios’ home country and globally, often in just their native language and English to begin with. PC and Nintendo Switch will be the platforms on which you’ll most commonly find them. The Japanese indie scene is awash with fascinating titles; through Waku Waku Games we hope to find the best of them, setting them and their creators on their way to a wider audience.