I had a smaller marathon yesterday. Because I couldn’t sleep I was catching up until midnight. I haven’t had so many shiny Pokémon in one whole day of hunting.

Unfortunately, I wasgetting hyped too early. None of them seems to have their hidden ability. I had only one Milcery, and it was from a raid that was not promoted. And to make matters worse, this raid was not Giga-Max form of Milcery. She is beautiful and shiny, I do not complain, but she will only be a Dynamax Alcremie. Outside a few Milcery, I caught my favorite Eevee, apparently shiny, and his water evolution, Vaporeon. I was quite pleased, though neither had their hidden ability. I am really starting to feel that my hunts have been struck by some curse and I am not lucky with the shiny Giga-Max Pokemon with their hidden ability. However, I will not give up and I will continue to hunt, it will turn for sure and RNG Gods will certainly smile at me.

It’s such a beautiful feeling to catch shiny Pokemon. It’s like having your favorite sweets after being sold out for a while.
SK version can be found here .