Hey there visitor,

ever wondered how is a gamer girls morning going? Do we really look like all those insta-stories of celebrities you follow?

Well guess again, even we are normal mortals and unless science figures out a way how to preserve perfect make up without the unwanted side efects, we will most likely look like you when you wake up dear visitor – messy hair like hay that needs grooming, sweaty face in dire need of full beauty treatment consisting of rinsing in lukewarm water, some soap cleanser also comes in handy, rinse again, vitamin C mask to brighten the skin up that needs washing after 20mins, kaolin mask to tighten up the pores so I won´t look like a crater ladybug(joke on me, I really do look like that sometimes, especially that one week a month time, no avoiding that for a few more years until menopause hits me :D), rinsey-rinse again and now comes the final stage of hyaluronic acid serum and anti-acne cream. Phew this really takes some precious time, so I only undergo this full circle during the weekend.

Weekdays a rinse followed by foam cleanser and cream will suffice to protect my precious face from the wild menacing effects of weather outside. Same goes for the night time, no need to overdo things.
SK version can be found here.