Another World Mahjong Girl is a delightful and unique addition to the world of puzzle games on Nintendo Switch. Developed by a relatively unknown studio A.R.T. Games Co., and published by Eastasiasoft Limited, this game offers a refreshing take on the classic Mahjong genre, blending it with an intriguing narrative that sets it apart from other titles. As a fan of both puzzle games and interactive storytelling, I was eager to dive into this mysterious world.

Gameplay (8/10)

The gameplay in Another World Mahjong Girl is a captivating twist on traditional Mahjong. Players are presented with a series of beautifully crafted, intricate Mahjong puzzles that gradually increase in complexity. The challenge lies not only in matching tiles but also in deciphering hidden clues and secrets within the puzzles. It adds a layer of depth and engagement to the gameplay that makes it more than just a simple tile-matching experience.

The game’s pacing is well-balanced, with difficulty increasing gradually, allowing players to ease into the unique mechanics. The mechanics are intuitive, and even those new to Mahjong can quickly grasp the basics. However, seasoned Mahjong players will find the novel approach to the game refreshing.

Graphics and Art (7/10)

Visually, Another World Mahjong Girl presents a mixed bag. While the Mahjong puzzles themselves are beautifully designed, the game’s overall aesthetic could use more polish. The character animations are somewhat stiff, and the backgrounds lack the depth and detail that could enhance the game’s immersion. Nevertheless, the unique, mystical theme of the game manages to create an atmosphere that keeps you engaged.

Story and Characters (9/10)

Where Another World Mahjong Girl truly shines is in its narrative and characters. The game introduces players to a young protagonist, Sara, who stumbles into an otherworldly realm. The story is rife with intrigue, mysteries, and charming characters that draw you in from the start. Sara’s journey of self-discovery, as she uncovers the secrets of the world she’s entered, is enthralling and keeps you invested in her progress.

The game’s dialogue and character interactions are well-written and offer a sense of depth to the characters. The plot’s progression is well-structured and keeps players eager to uncover more of the story.

Sound and Music (8/10)

The soundtrack in Another World Mahjong Girl is a standout feature. The music complements the game’s mysterious and enchanting atmosphere perfectly. It adds depth to the narrative and enhances the emotional resonance of the story. Sound effects and ambient sounds are used effectively, immersing players in the world and creating an engaging audio experience.

Replayability (6/10)

While the main story offers a captivating experience, Another World Mahjong Girl’s replayability is somewhat limited. Once you’ve completed the story and solved all the Mahjong puzzles, there isn’t much incentive to revisit the game. Additional content or alternate paths would have been a welcome addition to extend the game’s longevity.

Conclusion (8/10)

Another World Mahjong Girl is a hidden gem in the world of puzzle games, offering a compelling narrative-driven Mahjong experience. The unique blend of intriguing storytelling and challenging puzzles sets it apart from other titles in the genre. Although there’s room for improvement in terms of graphics and replayability, the game’s captivating plot and memorable characters make it a worthwhile journey for puzzle enthusiasts and fans of interactive storytelling alike. If you’re in the mood for a mind-bending adventure with a twist, Another World Mahjong Girl is well worth your time.

Platform Exclusive: Nintendo Switch

Please note that Another World Mahjong Girl is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, offering an exceptional gaming experience on this platform. It is currently on sale on the Nintendo e-shop until 10.11.2023!