Greetings visitor,

I humbly welcome you on my page & I hope you will have as much fun reading as I have writing and posting nice content. Born and raised in top secret place in Europe, I grew up as the third child of my parents, raised as best as they could.

Thanks to my mothers job I managed to travel a lot and up to this day I really like it. Inherited my fathers passion for arts I started singing around the age of 5 in our local church chorus which then turned to separation from said chorus and enjoyment of solo singing. To be honest I kind of annoy my partner by my occasional singing even now, but hey at least I am always in tone even if my voice is soft and the music I enjoy might not correspond to my soft personality, dear visitor you will soon be able to find out what is my music taste nad you might be pretty surprised, I dare to say. But my love for arts does not limit to only music, oh Hell no! As you can see, I love to write and also draw. But can you really consider playing video games as art? Well it depends… I play for fun, not for money. simply put I could never play as a PRO. Why you ask? Let´s just say my reflexes are as good as a wild cat and it takes me too much time to learn to be perfect at team based games like LoL or WoW.

Thus, I hope you didn´t get bored by my lifelong story and I will let you enjoy the rest of your stay.